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Hey there! I'm Clay. I'm the creator of the Ex Solution Program. If you're an action-taker who wants to get their ex back, I’ll show you everything you need to know to have a deeper and more profound connection with your ex, so that you both can have a second shot at lasting love (even if your situation feels hopeless.)

Want a Rare Chance At Making Things Right With the Person You Love and Have a Loving and Thriving Relationship Than Ever Before?

I’ve created a comprehensive online training program called:

The Ex Solution Program

The Ex Solution Program is for people who want to rebuild a stronger connection with their ex so that they get get another chance to have that great, wonderful, romantic, sexy, and fulfilling relationship with the person that they love.

This program is an online video course that I compiled from years of teaching and coaching people personally how to get back together with their ex after their ex had completely given up on them.

These coaching clients have paid thousands of dollars to work with me to help them save their relationships… many of those clients are now in a relationship with or married to the people they used to call their ex.

Here’s a peek at what you can find inside the Ex Solution Program so you can decide it’s right for you before you sign up today:

Maximize Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back:

    • The secret emotion your ex feels that will literally make it impossible for you two to get back together (At least until you destroy this emotion once and for all with the Advanced Relational Skills we cover in the course)
    • A stealth way to ethically take your ex’s focus off of anyone they might be dating right now, and pull it right back to you (This is how you can get your ex back from a rebound relationship)
    • How to never run out of things to talk to your ex about that will open them up and sharing more of themselves with you than you ever imagined possible
    • How often you should contact your ex before asking them to meet up with you (and what to do if they are still reluctant)
    • The 5 WORST mistakes you can make when texting your ex that will completely kill the good vibes between you and have them ignoring your messages
    • How to ask your ex for what you really want without coming across as pushy or risking turning them off (this is the key to having more connection and a rational discussion about the two of you)
    • Your ex says that they don’t love you anymore, so your situation is hopeless, right? Wrong. When you understand your ex’s emotional psychology, you’ll see why you absolutely still have a chance (even if things seem hopeless)
    • The secret revealed by Ernest Hemingway that will get your ex to respond to your messages even if you’ve tried EVERYTHING already
    • How a behavioral psychologist discovered how to get your ex to completely forget about their rebound relationship, and devote all of their attention to you.
    • Why your ex isn’t even willing to talk to you, and the surprisingly counter-intuitive thing you can do to get them to open up to you again
    • How to dissolve the pressure and anxiety you may feel around your ex so that you can relax and be the easy-going person they fell in love with

Including How to Deepen The Emotion Connection So That Your Ex Realizes How Much You Mean to Them:

    • The two “magic questions” you can use to open your ex up and get them sharing their deepest emotions with you
    • Why trying to have sex with your ex could actually backfire on you terribly, unless you make sure THIS is in place first
    • How ordering an ice cream cone can actually help you get your ex back (yes, you read that right).
    • Worried about walking on eggshells around your ex? Use the simple 4-step communication strategy to make sure that you don’t piss off your ex or risk having your words taken the wrong way
    • The most dangerous thing people do when they contact their ex that actually destroys their chances of getting back together (and, no, it has nothing to do with begging, pleading, or being desperate)
    • The little understood difference between persistence and knowing when to move on (most people give up right before their ex is actually about to have a change of heart)
    • Getting nothing but dead silence after texting your ex? Follow these texting and contact guidelines to get back on speaking terms fast
    • Why you absolutely do NOT need to worry about attracting your ex back (hint: they are ALREADY attracted to you, even if they say they aren’t, and I’ll prove it to you)
    • How and when to apologize to your ex (don’t even think of apologizing to your ex unless you meet these criteria and follow this communication strategy, or else you’ll really be sorry)
    • Does your ex want to be “friends” with you? Believe it or not, this is actually a GOOD thing… if you know how to leverage it to your advantage properly
    • The 5 emotional stages of getting back together that your ex will pass though (how to identify which stage your ex is in, and what you should do in each stage)
    • The reason the “No Contact Rule” hasn’t worked for you (and why it will continue to fail until you make this one small tweak to it)
    • The ONLY time you should ever think directly asking your ex to get back together with you (if you ignore this, don’t be surprised if you experience a humiliating rejection)
    • The 3 sentences you can say at the end of a date with your ex that shows them that you really have changed for the better
    • Every time you look in the mirror, you are either looking at your biggest obstacle in getting your ex back or your greatest ally. I’ll show you how to make sure you’re your own biggest supporter.
    • Plus a whole lot more!

I'm Not Holding Back Here...

Every strategy I’ve compiled is in here, from helping people save their relationships (since 2009) to increasing the positive bond between you and your ex so that you can get back together with them.

These are all the strategies and techniques that I’ve learned over the years from helping personal coaching clients (who pay several thousand dollars to get help with their relationships) get back together with their exes.

These are real life people who are now back together with, married to, or enjoying raising a family together with the people that they used to call their ex.

Also, I know that every relationship is unique and you might have a tricky situation or need a little bit of extra help.

If that’s the case, then you also have the option of adding the “Modern Love Community to your membership when you join today.

What You Get Inside The Modern Love Community:

    • Specific support and advice for your unique situation
    • Monthly lessons (ONLY available to community members) to help maximize your progress with your ex.
    • The opportunity to ask your questions during our weekly Mentorship Q&A sessions with the creators of the program
    • Access to the archives of previous Mentorship Q&A sessions answering every conceivable question you might possibly have
    • Plus special surprise gifts, early access to new courses, discounts, and other members only perks

Change Starts With You

For each month you're a member of the Modern Love Community, not only will you be learning the skills you need to get your ex back, you'll be helping heal the trauma of victims from sexual assault, domestic abuse, and child abuse.

10% of All Membership Fees Are Donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation

Why The Ex Solution Program May Not Be Right For You:

This isn’t a “$39 ebook” that promises you the moon and leaves you disappointed. This is a course for DEDICATED people.

This Is NOT For You If...

  • You think a “ninja” text message is all it’s going to take to save your relationship
  • You are looking for mind games or reverse psychology tricks to use on your ex
  • You don’t want to put any actual work into saving your relationship, you just want to know what to say
  • You don’t have the patience or discipline to follow instructions
  • You don’t want to take responsibility for the results you’re getting with your ex or in life
  • You are looking for mind games or reverse psychology tricks to use on your ex
  • You don’t want to put any actual work into saving your relationship, you just want to know what to say
  • You don’t have the patience or discipline to follow instructions
  • You don’t want to take responsibility for the results you’re getting with your ex or in life


If any of the above sounds like it might be you, this NOT the program for you.

Maybe there’s a place for you somewhere on the internet, but it isn’t here.

We've worked with people who turned out to be not the best fit because they wanted short cuts and were not willing to do the work that we've laid out inside the program. The last thing we want to do is waste anyone's time or your money.

If I haven’t scared you away yet, there’s still a chance that you might be a good fit for the Ex Solution Program.

And if you want in, I invite you to join below.

Yes, I Want In!$147

Risk Free Guarantee to You:

Take all the time you need and try the Ex Solution Program out for a full 60 days.

Follow the program, do what it says, and see the dramatic changes that occur in your life and in your relationship with your ex.

If for any reason, you’re not happy, just go ahead and let one of my staff members know.

We’ll give you every cent of your money back, and we’ll part as friends. No hard feelings :)

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

Sign Up Today$147

Why You'll Absolutely Love Our Program:

Ridiculously Outstanding Support:

You can post your questions to the Modern Love Community and get advice and feedback from other members and our team (even from Clay and Mika). You can also ask the creators of the program your specific questions inside the weekly Mentorship Q&A. We don’t just give you a book and say, “Good luck, I hope you figure this out.” We’re here for you over the long haul as we help hold you accountable to sticking to the materials inside the program so that you can maximize your chances of getting your ex back.

Lessons Based On People Who've Gotten REAL Results:

We've helped thousands of people get results. We've cried, bled and sweat committing our time to helping those going through a breakup.  What we teach inside the Ex Solution Program is based on the results we've gotten with the thousands of people we've worked with over the course of time. We've helped people reunite with their ex, save their marriage, or even get married  and have children because of us. This isn't a "hobby", helping people with their breakups and love life is our PASSION.

You Get Real Advice, Not "Fluff" Talk

We don't dish out B.S. advice. None of that "Time heals all wounds" or "If it was meant to be, it was meant to be" type of advice. Nope. Nada. Not an ounce of "fluff" advice you'll be getting. Instead you will get tangible advice based on interpersonal relating skills that will maximize the emotional connection between you and your ex so that you can stand head and shoulders above the person who your ex think they broke up with (or who your ex might be currently dating.)

What Others Are Saying:

Adam P., London, United Kingdom

Katie K., United States

I went from a seemingly impossible situation to being reunited with my girlfriend. Considering that I now have the woman of my dreams back in my life, the money I invested in this coaching program was worth every penny. Mika and Clay are passionate about helping people get back together and supporting their clients. Their advice was spot-on. Without it, I would have never gotten back together with my girlfriend. We are now talking about the possibility of getting married. UPDATE: Married in summer of 2014

Stephen C.
Stephen C. United States

MY EX AND I ARE BACK TOGETHER AND IT FEELS GREAT. I am so thankful for what this program has done not only for my relationship, but for my entire life. I wouldn't have made it out of that break up as well as i did if it wasn't for the support of the community and all the advice from Clay, Mika, Francis, and Rashmi. I am beyond blessed to have had so much help and support in such a dark time in my life. I will continue to be active in the community and work hard on my relationship for as long as possible. I know tough times are still ahead and we have to continue to work on things, but he is so worth it. For all of those out there losing hope, keep on fighting. Keep your head up and really give it your all. Don't be afraid to take extra time for ANC or to post on the forum to ask for help. Amazing things will come to those who put in the effort.

Samantha H.
Samantha H. United States

We were broken up for 4 months before I joined. The tables turned and I wasn't sure I wanted to be with him after all of it. He had to prove to me that things would be different this time and that we would work through the issues we had before and only then did we decide return as a couple. Now we are going through pre-marital counseling and planning to marry next year already! Don't give up. Follow through the program. Yes, it will be hard and painful at times, but trust the process and it'll pay off. UPDATE: Married him in 2014

Faye C.
Faye C. United States

Things went fantastic. We were laughing and joking like old times. Eventually he brought up that he thinks he can tell that I’d like to try things again and he’s okay with that as long as we take it slowly and let things happen on their own time. I know that I’m not nearly finished working on myself and my relationship (and we never really are, are we?), but I’m so glad to have gotten here and I owe all of you my thanks and gratitude. This will be a long journey for my ex and I, but I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Kelly W.
Kelly W. Louisiana, United States

I am one who got back together with my ex. We had a very tender moment where he was able to tell me (with a few tears of gratitude) that he was so grateful for a second chance with me after making such a horrible mistake. We are doing well and I'm still able to practice acceptance and awareness and remain in the moments when we are together. A quote I like: "A healthy relationship keeps the doors and windows wide open. Plenty of air is circulating and no one feels trapped. Relationships thrive in this environment. Keep your doors and windows open. If the person is meant to be in your life, all the open doors and windows in the world, will not make them leave. Trust that truth." I've adopted this truth into my thinking. I also have made this my personal mantra if you will and I find it so important in this unique situation of being back together with B and moving forward: I'm letting go of what was (the old relationship) and accepting what is (where things are in the process in the NOW, being present) and I'm hopeful for what will be (the new relationship and what's coming). I know a lot of you are really hurting. Stick with the program. What you'll get (the ex back is just the icing in the cake) is a stronger and healthier YOU!! Blessings all!

Lisa S.
Lisa S. Washington, United States

I'm so thankful for you & Clay ! I don't think I would have known how to respond appropriately to seeing him without you guys and I've gained so much personal independence through this too. Thanks again!

Andrea C.
Andrea C. Philadelphia, PA United States

It's our wedding day. A man, a woman and a vow. Hospital bedside wasn't my first choice but it's perfect in it's own time and place. 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months – no one knows but each day will be a blessing! THANK YOU! Love you all for your continued support and prayers!

Therese C.
Therese C. Connecticut, United States

I was a customer of yours about a year ago. Thank you for your program. After the break up you helped me see that my relationship with my now husband could be much stronger than it was before. I continue to see the potential fir growth in any difficulty I face with my spouse. What you gave me was a perspective change. Because of you, my husband and I are expecting a new baby boy on Oct. 5 th. Because of your help, there is a new life coming into the world where as during the break up things looked like a disaster.

 Jennifer Tlalpan
Jennifer Tlalpan Los Angeles, CA, United States

I have gotten back with my ex. It saddens me to part with the group that I have been with for so many months but at the same time I'm happy to be able to "graduate" from the program.


My wife and I are on the road to reconciliation and we’ve been dating, hanging out together and wearing our wedding bands again. We’re in the early stages of making plans for building a house where we can all live and start afresh…  Along with my faith in Christ and your private community, I was able to understand my wife’s emotions and how to respond so that I’m sensitive with her but without compromising what’s important to me was something that I had to learn in a very pragmatic and real way.

Edwin M.
Edwin M. Australia

This is awesome beyond compare of anything I’ve done in interpersonal communication with regard to relationships. What’s really crazy is my ex is now contacting (three times in two weeks) and  I’m handling myself so much better than ever have done with any past ex. I’m being nice but in a caring way for her and myself, if that makes any sense. I manning up to not being needy with expectations. My life is on a positive track that’s been badly needed for a long time. Haha, I’m work in progress still and great full for this blessing! Thanks so so very much.

Don H.
Don H. United States

I am exceedingly happy to be moving on to a new relationship with my ex, now boyfriend. I won’t ever forget your support, encouragement and guidance. With many of you, I have shared a unique camaraderie which I know will continue for years to come. I now look forward to whatever life and love uncovering new and exciting experiences. I have no doubt my new relationship with my ex will add and enrich my relationship with him, with others but more importantly with myself. I deeply appreciated having this wonderful opportunity to work, grow and learn with you all. As heart-breaking as it is to share these unfortunate circumstances, I am ever so grateful to have shared an abundance of over joyous-AND the deeply painful moments with all of you. It is important for you to know that I will treasure our ESP/OSG companionship immensely and to no end. I like to think I have extended that same sentiment to all of you. I hope that I too have had a momentous impact on all of you as well. I cannot find the words to detail the countless heartfelt moments that I will reflect on, and will sincerely miss here. In sum, I wish all of you every success and all it’s future endeavors.  One last question before I say good-bye, for Clay, Mika and the ESP Team: HOW CAN I EVER THANK YOU!!!?


This is just a testament to ESP.  It really DOES work.  Clay and Mika have really hit on a pot of gold and I just wonder why the internet is so full of snake oil salesmen when there is something here that clearly works.

Alicia J.

When we saw each other, it felt like time has not passed. We talked over dinner and I was in a good place. He told me that he has been dating around and has yet to find someone like me. As we walked to his car, I was nervous and I knew that I need to keep it cool. J. opened the car door for me and we sat in his car for a while. He kept telling me he wanted to date me again just for fun and I said well I am not that girl. He kissed me but I knew that he was lying to me, he still loved me. I could tell by his body language. I told him your in love with me still and you won't admit it.  We hung out the last couple of times and it was nice but one night he came to my neck of the woods and told me he loved me and that he wants to be with me.  J. told me he will make sure not to hurt me again and be present in my life as he should have been. I told him I can live without you but I don't want to.  We are together but there is no title yet because we are taking it really slow. I noticed how mature he is now and doesn't get jealous as easy anymore. I'm not as clingy, we don't talk everyday or hang out everyday but there is enough communication where I know where we stand. J. told me he knows I am the one and still wants to marry me when the time is right.

Angie C.

I live in Canada and my husband left for the Philippines where he found the woman and lived with her for about a year. He said they broke up several times during the year they were together and just knew it will never work. We are now carefully planning our getting back together and we both agreed it will not be the same relationship he walked out of. Believe me I learned a lot from you and can never thank you enough. What a comfort you are to me during my darkest hours. I thought how can this young couple have so much wisdom? Keep up the good work and thank you again. I feel that you are sincere in wanting to help others.

Beth D.
Beth D.

Thanks to your excellent course and advice and a bit of ARS homework, my ex and I are giving it another go! And she thinks it's all her idea! Thanks!!!

Stan T.
Stan T.

I am among the people who got their ex back. Not only that I got him back... but he asked me to marry him. So, as you being there for me in the darkest, most helpless moments of my life, you deserve to get this wonderful news. I never gave up, even when I felt I'm dead (not dying ). I had a plan, I was strong, I believed in my powers over him, I knew his sensitive points, I had the sweetest, most beautiful battle to win. And I did. Thank you for being here with me, I brought you along and you followed. ONLY STRONG CHARACTERS WIN!

Andrea M.
Andrea M. Romania

I am writing to tell you that, after 6 months and a half following your advice to the letter, I got my ex back! Here is a little feedback and my own success story, feel free to publish it on your website if you want to. Yesterday night, as my ex held my hand, told me I was the only woman he ever wanted to be with, and asked me to go back with him, my thoughts went to you and your program. THANK YOU so much for making this possible. Your newsletter, podcasts, videos, and classes have not only provided with much precious advice, but also kept me hopeful and positive. Finding Clay's emails in my mailbox everyday meant so much for me. When I was feeling sad, and it seemed to me that mine was a lost cause, watching Clay's videos gave me endless confidence and motivation. After six months and a half of patience and commitment, I got my ex back! With much, much gratitude.

Boonyi K.

It has been 6 months since my wife left, its been a tough time especially the first weeks and months. The course provided me with everything I needed to understand where my relationship had gone wrong and gave excellent techniques on how to bring the person back into my life. Some of the techniques seemed counter intuitive to start with but the more I applied them the more i noticed that they were really working. I'm now back on good speaking terms with my ex. We enjoy each others company and it feels like we are building something positive, its not romantic yet. But she has been confiding in me about her rebound relationship and telling me that its not working and she misses the things we did together when she is with him. She told me she wants to break it off with him and is giving positive signs that there might be a future for us. Thanks for all the resources and support - it is a really great course that I would recommend to without hesitation. 


Thank you for your support and wishes. Yesterday my ex called me and he sorted out everything. Now we are together. He even celebrated my birthday. I m very happy. Thanks a lot for everything!

Ruchika A.

Thank you my ex and I is back to gather and we vow this it will be communication between us. He admitted that he really miss me when I didn't contact at all even got off of facebook I did I made sure I didn't run in to him Now we are taking one day at a time.

Cynthia B.

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